Return Driven Strategy is the framework for designing, developing, and implementing a direct mail strategy driven to create long-term, superior returns.

Guaranteed Proven Results

The equation is simple- “WE PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS.” We are so confident and absolutely sure about the proven rate of return and quality call volume we yield for our clients that we guarantee our results or you don’t pay. We are a sales performance based company and if we don’t make you money, then we don’t make money. At Barracuda Direct Mail we will implement our mailing program in a way that will fit your budget and the size of your moving company. We will make your phone ring, all you need to do is book the jobs.​ Here is a sample snapshot of the monthly numbers from some of our existing clients:

40-60 quality calls/appointments per month
60% booking ratio = 24-36 booked jobs/month
24-36 booked jobs x $1800/avg job size = $43,200-$64,800 monthly gross revenues

No Contracts

With Barracuda Direct Mail you don’t get stuck committing to some program that doesn’t work. You will not be presented with any contracts, credit card forms, or any other documents that commit you to Barracuda Direct Mail. After seeing our results, if you are not 100% satisfied with our mailing program, there is no obligation. The fact is we will become your #1 source of residential-household good revenue and you will want to pay us.

Minimal Clientele

We work with a limited number of moving & storage companies within a given marketplace to ensure our clients receive the maximum call volume possible. We would not be in a position to guarantee our results if we were to saturate any given real estate marketplace. Our business partnerships are with solid, credible moving companies that have strong foundations established within their local communities. Quality over quantity.

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“As a general manager there is always pressure to maintain and increase revenues. Thanks to Barracuda Direct Mail, we have been able to tap into the incredible growth of our local housing market, therefore increasing our household good revenues considerably.”

Gary Hoffman

General Manager, Atlantic Relocation Systems agent for Atlas Van Lines

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