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Because All Movers Are Not The SAME
The Industry's Most Accurate, Reliable and Direct MLS Data
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Real MLS Data

Rest assured your marketing is getting to the right people with our elite standard for data aggregation of people looking for movers. Our lists include newly listed homeowners, renters and people moving for all of the other reasons people move!Re

Targeted Mailers and Marketing

Your campaign is only as good as your data, and your data is only as good as your message. Barracuda has a proven track record of success developing creative assets that convert leads to moves. Stand out from the competition with mailers and ads that we know will work!

Measurable Results

We are a performance-driven company that “puts our money where our mouth is!” Out clients can track and review mailer and campaign performance and expect to see higher lead activity and conversion with our mailers and campaigns.

Clients Love Us

If we weren’t you first choice, we will definitely be your last choice for the best moving leads. We have worked with the same clients for over xx years. Spend your time on operations and let us do the heavy lifting to get you more qualified leads!

Pick From a Wide Selection of Mailer Designs That Are Proven To Work FREE!

Mailers are a tested and proven initiative for movers to generate leads but in a digital world, you may need more! Stay competitive with with a robust marketing strategy beyond mailers with Barracuda 360.


We are always looking to increase revenues and we’ve tried this ourselves a couple of times with mediocre results at best. Barracuda Direct Mail earned our trust, under-promised, and over-performed exactly like they said they would.”

– Jack Griffin, Griffin Moving & Storage agent for Allied

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