We need to hit the consumer in just the right way to elicit a response, and we have one chance to do it. What factors come into play to motivate quality consumers to pick up the phone and call you? Mailer size, design, headline, graphics, benefits, offers, a call to action, and what makes you different from the competition are just a handful of the elements needed to generate a comfort level and interest in your company.

At Barracuda Direct Mail we already know what works. We have proven, original designs in place for most of the major van lines, or our experienced design team can create the custom piece you are envisioning. Contact Us to see samples. Quality Call Volume

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“As a general manager there is always pressure to maintain and increase revenues. Thanks to Barracuda Direct Mail, we have been able to tap into the incredible growth of our local housing market, therefore increasing our household good revenues considerably.”

Gary Hoffman

General Manager, Atlantic Relocation Systems agent for Atlas Van Lines

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