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We’re So Confident With Our Results,

We’ll Give you 60 Days FREE!

Restrictions Apply. Postage Not Included.

Mailer Design

We already know what works! Choose from a from a wide selection of  layouts and designs that are already yielding results.


Print 5,000-10,000 6×11 full color glossy, 14pt, mailers, in the amount you need to fulfill the 60-day postage budget you would like to start with.

MLS Listings

Access to new & pending listings from your local MLS


Daily mailings to new & pending listings within your market for 60 days. You just pay the postage!

The Barracuda Process For Results

We need to hit the consumer in just the right way to elicit a response, and we have one chance to do it. What factors come into play to motivate quality consumers to pick up the phone and call you? Mailer size, design, headline, graphics, benefits, offers, a call to action, and what makes you different from the competition are just a handful of the elements needed to generate a comfort level and interest in your company.

At Barracuda Direct Mail we already know what works. We have proven, original designs in place for most of the major van lines, or our experienced design team can create the custom piece you are envisioning. Contact Us to see samples. Quality Call Volume

Who do we mail to? Quality Consumers who have listed their properties for sale on the real estate market, and will need to move due to the sale of their property- Specified homeowners, condo owners, town home owners, villa owners, etc. Some of the targeted demographics for our clients range from properties valued as low as $125,000 to properties exceeding $10M in value, properties that will be closing in 30-60 days to newly listed properties, all covering certain market areas. Most of the quality consumers that we market to are middle-aged, have household incomes above $100,000, and own an average of $50,000 worth of household goods. These quality consumers prefer to meet a company representative at their home, shake hands, and pay an appropriate dollar amount to have their lifelong possessions packed & moved professionally. Our access to such quality consumers within your local real estate market will give you much higher closing percentages & much higher profit margins on a per move basis. All of the above is based on what the real estate market within your marketplace is giving us. Quality Call Volume

We execute your mailings on a day-to-day basis due to the fact that we are mailing to time-sensitive demographics. Your specifically designed mail piece needs to be received by the consumer before your competitors. We are a state-of-the-art, CASS certified direct mail service. Before every mailing we scrub our lists through a USPS Address Matching System (AMS) which helps increase your mailing’s deliverability. We remove foreclosed and vacant properties. A barcode is then added for automation bulk mailing rates. Simply, we help increase deliverability while lowering postage costs. Again, everything we do is based on an increased rate of return for our clients. Quality Call Volume

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